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We have been raising and sell cute and adorable Shih Tzu puppies for a few years now.

We have six adult Shih Tzu dogs and a Border Collie/Lab and a Great Pyrenees and they all get along.

They even get along well with our Himalayan cats.

Sgt. Pepper is now retired and Budah has taken on his role as the main breeder.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our puppies.

We do not name the puppies before they are sold as we feel that right belongs to the new owners. There are names on the vet documents but they are usually just to help distinguish the puppies.

Friends and family members have our puppies and kittens and have been enjoying them for years now.

People have come to see our puppies and gone to view less expensive ones and returned to purchase one from us telling us that our were cuter.

We are working towards having a greater variety of colours available in the future and more litters hence the addition of two more females Teddy Bear and Shadow. They will be bred with Budah later this year.

Our dogs have produced, black, black and white, blond, white and blond, brown, with black marks, brown, black and white puppies.

We are not just looking at the colour of the pups but also the quality how healthy they are and their personalities.  Hence the retirement of Pepper in favour of  Budah a younger, smarter, more obedient and friendlier dog. Usually the ones with the best personalities are the first to be sold..

Our dogs are fairly well behaved, they love affection and attention. For the most part they are quiet unless someone is around our house of they need to go out. They listen to us most of the time except Sgt. Pepper who loves to go off exploring. Unfortunately Tippy our Border Collie/Lab took him off on a few adventures.

In the morning I can open the door and four of them will run out to their run area on their own. There is the odd day that one will wander a bit but usually comes when called.

Honey Bee attended a local dog training course and did very well, even won a trophy. She is a very swseet and lovable dog who will sit on your lap quietly for as long as you let her.

Budah will follow us around the property and come when we call him. He is also a great dancer and loves doing little pirouettes.

  • The chart above is a general range but prices vary depending on other items such as personalities of some of the puppies.

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