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We have been raising Shih Tzu puppies and Himalayan kittens for a couple years now. They share our home with us and are our friends and companions. People have commented to us on how cute our dogs are. We have recently been told one learn how to go to the door to let his owners know when he needed to go outside. He was only 4 months old then.

Our dogs don't bark a lot unless someone is around the house. They get along well with our cars and our Border Collie/Lab. We hope to get a Great Pyrenees soon to ensure the coyotes don't get any of our little dogs when the are out for a run. They have a run area that is fenced in and also a larger area have electric fence to keep predators out. However our dogs love running in the fields and are so cute when the hay gets long bouncing around like a bunch of bunnies.  Will be very reassuring to have a dog that will protect them. Tippy (our Border Collie/Lab) rounds them up now and then when asked but she also takes them off on adventures in the woods nearby which is dangerous for the little ones.

All the dogs love Carmen a lot as she spoils them rotten. She makes sure they have excellent food and feeds them fresh eggs from our chickens several times a week.  We have two males and four females. One male is in retirement right now and we are using the younger male (Budah) as the main breeder.

Two of the females will not be having any puppies until the are older, probably this fall.

We hope to develop our property in to a special place for our animals to enjoy year round. With several large barns one day we will have a winter play area for them in one of the barns. So they can run around for hours in a warm place larger than our house.

It takes an hour to walk around our property and it has some of the most magnificent views of Rice Lake and surrounding area. We hope to be developing dog walking trails soon too. We were talking today about fencing a 10 acre section off where people could bring their Shih Tzu dogs to picnic and let them run free for a bit.

Please take a look around our site.

We all live in the country on a 54 acres farm overlooking Rice Lake just North of Port Hope and Cobourg.

Puppies currently for sale: Click here for pictures

  • 1 black and white male 
  • 1 whitish females
  • 1 black with a little white females

They have all been to the and got shots and deworming meds.

Breeding Adult Dogs are:


Budah Main breeder. (white)

Sgt. Pepper Semi-retired (blond)

Panda Matriarch - producing cute babies (black and white)

Honey B Female - producing cute babies (white with blond marks)

Shadow Future - female - producing cute babies (black with white marks) Has been with us for years now and no puppies guess she didn't like Budha but likes Tino now.

Teddy Bear Future - female - producing cute babies (blond)  Same as Shadow her sister no puppies for years. Not sure if she is interested in either Tino or Riley but definitely not having puppies with Budha.
7   Sweetie Future (2012) - female - blond
8 Tino   Male Breeder Yorkie 
9 Riley  Male Breeder Poodle
10   Snowy Future Female Breeder Shih Tzu

Other Dogs are:

  1. Tippy - our Border Collie/Lab general farm dog. Someone Stole her.
  2. Little Bear - our Great Pyrenees guardian of the little dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Our Puppies are home raised with other pets.
  • Our pets are regularly vet checked.
  • Our pets are well fed, live in the country with lots of fresh air.
  • Our puppies have daily interaction with us and the other dogs and cats in the house making them very social creatures.


Description SKU #


Black and White Puppies sku-1 $400 - $500
Blonde Puppies sku-2 $500 - $600

Thanks for dropping by.

Ross and Carmen


Our Mission

Is to provide nice cuddly pets for our customers to love and cherish.

The work with our property to develop a beautiful place that we and our pets can enjoy with our friends.



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